Roofing Materials: Choose Yours 

There are a ton of material options that can be found in the market to ensure your home is sheltered from the nature’s elements. Here are some options you can choose from. 

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles have been famous for almost a century. This material was designed in the US in the late 19th century. Before, shingles were actually made from scrapped clothing store however due to the demand and need of the many, manufacturers looked for a way to meet the need. You see, clothing is a highly flammable material and, in those times, many homes easily caught fire. Asphalt shingles are made from a fiberglass with a coating of asphalt. Some of these shingles are only coated on one side while others are coated on both. This has been made known through its durability and because it was a cheaper option.  

Slate Shingles 

This roofing material is slightly classier and more modern looking compared to asphalt. This is a stone material that came from either clay or ah from volcanic areas. Unlike asphalt, this is an expensive roofing material and has been known only to those of high ranking like Lords or Ladies. Through the year, new processes of manufacturing this roofing material have been discovered and has been more affordable than before. An advantage of this material is its natural appeal. It has better resistance and durability as well and has been famous for surviving for a century. This is also a famous material to those. Inclined with the arts like architects 

Ceramic Tiles  

This material is resistant to any weather condition and has a lifespan that ranges between 50 years and 75 years. If you are someone looking for a cozier no comfy appeal then you should look into ceramic tiles as your roofing material. If you are somewhere that has a lot of intense weathers, then this roofing material is for you. Ceramic tiles survive a lot of heat and intense cold and are easy to handle when it comes to maintenance. This roofing is amours in the Midwest. 

Metal Roofs  

This roofing material has been known for years because it is known in the industrial and commercial setup. This material has rose into the view of homeowners as well. Because it is light when it comes to weight and flexible when it comes to the creative minds, it has become more known to any. More than that, it also gripped those who are looking out for the environment because of the metal roof’s highly sustainable and recyclable characteristic. The durability of metal has enticed many people beyond the field of commercial and industrial and thus is now more known as a sleek looking and viable versatile looking roofing material for homeowners. 

Whether you are looking for other roofing materials, one thing you must do is do your research. Each material has a unique advantage and characteristic and you should go for a roof that best describes your goal to make sure your investment is worth it. If you want an expert’s help, then roofing companies Belleville Ontario offers the services you are looking for. Simply connect with Belleville Roofers.