Summer is fast approaching after the cold season. Whether it is for a quick break or for a long time, boarding in the crucial vacation benefits is more than we can think of, both physically and mentally. However, before you get excited with your getaway this summer, keep on reading to know the important checklist you should do around and in your real estate Penrith:

Let your landlord know

Usually, leases have pre-vacation procedures that should be done by the tenants. Reread your contract and inform your landlady regarding your dates of arrival and departures. Guarantee them that you’ll be taking care of the bills in advance, particularly if you will be out for a long time because if you aren’t occupying the condo or you fail to pay for your bill for a substantial amount of time, your landlord can claim it as abandoned property. Also, make sure to provide your contact details to your landlord in case of emergencies.

Resolve your parking situation

If you will go out and bring your vehicle with you during your vacation, then this item won’t apply for you. Otherwise, once you intend to keep your car in your condominium’s parking lot, there are some things you should settle. First, you need to take all of your belongings out of your car, lock the doors, and roll the windows up. Then, look for an “out-of-the-way” parking area for your vehicle. Once you pay for your monthly parking area, then you are good to go.

Arrange a house sitter and a pet care

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you should pay a stranger for you to have a proper house sitter. You can just ask a favor to any family member or a close friend to help check out your unit for some time just to guarantee that your house plants won’t die and to make an illusion that you are always there. It is undeniable that you can be in danger of burglary especially if you are not at your house.

Moreover, if you have a pet that will need a temporary place to stay while you are out, you must leave your pet with somebody you actually trust. Also, you must make a thorough list of the medication and the meals of your pets and provide it to their guardian.

Secure all your windows and your doors

This is quite a no brainer tip, however, it is extremely important. You need to guarantee on the day you’ll be leaving that your front door is locked and all your windows are closed properly and tightly. Because, as we have mentioned before, your home will be prone to burglary especially if the homeowner is away.

Prepare and clean for your return

If you are a fairly lazy and messy person, this task would be challenging for you. However, it would be frustrating to come back to a messy room or home, right? Besides, you can actually help stop bacteria from spreading and growing in your apartment if you clean before leaving.